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Overview of Antem's network structure

Antem provides an organized social web that combines the best of both worlds between open social networks like Facebook or Twitter and isolated networks like Discord or Slack.


The highest level of organization within Antem is a "network". A network is analogous to a Slack workspace or a Discord guild. There are currently three main types of networks: public, unlisted, and private. This is still in the planning phase and is likely to change.

Most networks will be public or unlisted

Public networks are visible to anybody, may show up in search results, and may be promoted by Antem. They can be found and joined by anybody. They can be thought of as a modern forum.

Unlisted networks do not show up in search results and are not automatically promoted by Antem, but anybody with a link to the network can join it. These can be used by small clubs and groups that don't need strict authentication, allowing new members to easily join a network, given a link.

Anybody with the link can join an unlisted network

Private networks for all intents and purposes do not exist to people who aren't members. They aren't listed anywhere, and cannot be joined or read by anyone other than members. People can join if invited by a member. In the future (though likely not with the initial release), "managed" networks may be implemented that define user roles and permissions within the network. One of these permissions, for example, would be defining who can invite new members to the network.

Rooms and Groups

Within networks are groups and rooms. Rooms are public threads where anyone can join and post messages. Rooms in public or unlisted networks are not encrypted end-to-end. Groups are private rooms where members must be invited to be able to see or send messages. All groups are encrypted end-to-end.

Rooms are public, groups are private

It is important to emphasize the difference between a room and a group. Rooms are public threads that are not encrypted in public networks. They are considered public communications and can be read by anyone in the network. Keep in mind that messages posted in rooms can be read by anyone who joins the network at a later date as well. Groups are private and can only be read by people who are in the group, including people who join after the message was sent. Groups are encrypted end-to-end.

Direct Messages

In addition to groups and rooms, Antem features a direct message system. Direct messages do not exist in any particular network, unlike rooms and groups. All direct messages are encrypted end-to-end.

Direct messages do not exist in any particular network

Personal Threads

A planned future feature of Antem will be "personal threads" (name TBD). This will be comparable to a Facebook timeline or Twitter profile. Each user will have their own thread where they can post messages. Anybody who finds the user will be able to read the messages. People will be able to follow users and see these posts in a single, chronological feed. Because these posts are public anyway, they will not be encrypted on Antem's servers.